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To explore ourselves holistically, apply simplified and tangible healing practices, and relieve ourselves from dis-ease.

Holding Plant
Child's Pose


Using the nursing process we will assess our current state, identify core values, and take action toward manifestation and purpose. Through a combination of self exploration, physical alignment, movement, nutrition, meditation, breathing and cleansing techniques we can manifest a state of well being, known in yoga as Samahdi.



Sarah S. Giordano

Health is fundamental to life. My approach to health as a yoga teacher and a nurse is both holistic and systematic. Yoga has been part of my life since I was young. I have studied all over the world in different styles of yoga including: vinyasa (NYC), kundalini (Thailiand), hatha (India), and tantra (Bali). This diverse background has given me a variety of techniques to maintain the health of the physical, mental and energetic self. As an Emergency Room (ER) nurse working in downtown Manhattan for 15 years, my experience with the sick has taught me that the health of our physical bodies is intertwined with our emotional, mental and spiritual health. To begin the healing process we have to look at ourselves holistically.


Nurses have a specific process: assessment, diagnosis, planning, intervention, evaluation, repeat.  In the ER we often see chronic diseases for which we offer a quick fix to stabilize the current emergency (a very important step in many cases) without lasting support for the holistic wellbeing of each client. A combination of the nursing process with the ancient wisdom of yoga has inspired me to create customized health and wellness programs for individuals. I started Discover Awareness in 2013 working with individuals to assess their current situations, discover balance in their lives, and aim for longevity and fulfillment. Since that time I have had the pleasure of working with clients from over 20 countries at all life stages from children, adult, perinatal to older adults. I have worked with diverse health backgrounds including diabetes, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, cancer, heart disease, and obesity.

I am looking forward to building a program for you!

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